a3416 Chalcedony Corals

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Lovely lavender chalcecony "corals" formation from the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. I get these "corals" in a bulk shipment so the individual localities are not preserved, but my supplier indicates that these are coming from his neighboring state of Madhya Pradesh. They are not coral at all, but druzy quartz/chalcedony formations that occur in numerous pockets of the Deccan Trap Basalts which underlie much of this area of central India. The name comes from some of the local mineral hunters who refer to this type of formation as "mountain coral". This sweet lavender hue is not common among the "corals", and so this piece stood out to my eye. The back side photo shows several casts left from calcite crystals that were there originally and allowed the chalcedony to seed on top of them, but were later etched away. Beautiful and speaks well about geologic processes. 

Length: 9.00 cm
Width: 7.00 cm
Height: 3.50 cm