a3417 Multiple Pyrite Cubes on Matrix

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Pyrite Cubes in white clay matrix from Navajun, La Rioja, Spain. These nearly perfect crystals of pyrite are a natural formation, and have not been cut or polished. Among its many crystalline formations, pyrite will grow in excellent cubes, when conditions are right. I think that this famous Spanish locality produces some of the finest specimens of cubic pyrite that we have in the world. Pyrite certainly occurs in cubes in other localities such as the iconic Spruce Claim in King County, Washington, USA. But in my humble opinion, only in Navajun do the pyrite cubes have such fine luster and machine-like precision. A bit of fun history for the locality: It is reported that early shepards in the area, used the floater pyrite cubes that were scattered on the surface, as ammo for their slingshots, to shoot at wolves. Obviously, they had no idea that the area would rise in fame (and consequently value) in the eyes of mineral dealers and collectors. I love this particular specimen for its great multiple look, and I ground the bottom edge of the clay flat to allow this specimen to stand up and present like a champ! 

Length: 7.00 cm
Width: 5.50 cm
Height: 5.80 cm