a3421 Southern Illinois Fluorite

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Purple Fluorite Corner from Cave-in-Rock, Hardin County, Illinois. This lavender, color zoned fluorite corner hails from Southern Illinois, once known as the "fluorospar capital" of the country. With a beautifully formed, stepped cubic look, this specimen brings back memories of collecting in days gone by. Fluorospar production in this area is pretty much shut down today, so specimens that were once plentiful, now only surface from time to time, as rockhounds painstakingly collect using hand tools, or old timers clean out their basements! Fluorite from this region certainly qualifies as a mineral "classic" and this specimen is a little piece of history. The piece has a pleasing translucency and when it is backlit one sees the intriguing color zoning or "phantoms" as shown in the photograph. This piece is almost a complete floater with minimal point of attachment, some minor calcite crystals presenting on the underside, and sharply defined edges with only some very minor nicking which really doensn't hamper the overall aesthetics. Quite nice and a low price for this classic! 

Length: 4.60 cm
Width: 3.50 cm
Height: 2.00 cm