a3441 Apophyllite on Black Druzy Quartz

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Apophyllite on Black Druzy Chalcedony from the Jalgaon area, Maharashtra State of India. These "black druzies" are always the most popular of all the colored chalcedonies coming out of India, and correspondingly, there seems to be very little production of them these days. With quarry owners "getting funny" about offering these types of pieces today (I'm quoting my main India supplier) it seems like pricing will just be driven up as supply continues to be weak. This is a beautiful larger piece that offers a striking example of these gorgeous black druzies. A diamond-like grouping of very glassy apophyllite crystals adorns the surface of this musuem style specimen making it pretty gemmy! A couple of the apophyllite tips have been cleaved off during collection which is quite common for any apophyllite specimen because of their distinct and ready cleavage, but there are a great many more mirror apophyllites that are intact and I don't think the popped tips really hamper the aesthetic of this piece much at all. You won't be unhappy when you hold this less common piece in your hand! 

Length: 12.70 cm
Width: 9.90 cm
Height: 3.50 cm