a3447 Rogerly Fluorite

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Green Fluorite from the Rogerly Mine, Weardale, Durham, England. Here's a nice and surprisingy inexpensive fluorite from this famous locality. The Rogerly fluorites have been enjoying widespread popularity lately despite the mine production being a little spotty. At one point in the recent past, it seemed like the Rogerly Mine had breathed it's last. The mine was reportedly closing, and collectors were scrambling to gather up what material they could. Now it appears that the mine has been reopened and production is good, but only a limited amount of this coveted material makes it over to dealers in the USA. This piece has a great presentation of somewhat interpenetrant cubes on matrix, and shows off the classic purple fluorescence that some Rogerly fluorites display. (Secondary photo taken with longwave UV light) At this price, why not grab it in case the mine production whipsaws again and they start adding zeros to the pricetags!

Length: 4.50 cm
Width: 4.50 cm
Height: 2.30 cm