a3448 Apophyllite on Black Druzy

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Apophyllite on Black Druzy Chalcedony from Jalgaon quarries, Maharashtra State, India. These black druzies are increasingly hard to find out of India. They represent only a small part of the overall production in the Maharashtra State, and as such, they are prized commodities, with Indian mineral runners snatching them up right from the quarries as quickly as they are found. The most famous jet black druzies out of Nashik are reportedly now extinct with no more production. This intriguing piece out of Jalgaon has a misty evening twilight color that is dark, but also has some grays and a little inky blues. The coral-like formation of the chalcedony is the perfect base for a striking seeding of multiple apophyllite crystals across it's surface, the main one being doubly terminated. There is some very minor pale peach stilbite present also. For the price, this one is a winner!

Length: 8.00 cm
Width: 5.50 cm
Height: 5.00 cm