a3450 Twin Calcite Candies

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Twin Calcite Candy "Peace Sign", with mirror apophyllite. This is one of those great formations that randomly pop up in mineral lots. My supplier in India calls these types of formations "candies" alluding to the sugary looking druzy quartz coating over the thin bladed calcite crystals. These are uncommon and I may go several years without seeing any. The calcite crystals are seen only on the bottom of this piece where it has been broken off. In at least three generations of mineral building, the calcite formed first, and was secondarily coated over with a layer of druzy quartz, which then seeded dozens of glassy apophyllite crystals. A unique and formative piece (peace) that doesn't come around very often.

Length: 5.50 cm
Width: 5.90 cm
Height: 2.50 cm