a3451 Cavansite

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Cavansite "Button" from Wagholi Quarry, Pune, Maharashtra State of India. Here's a great little inexpensive cavansite that consists of a fairly large and richly colored crystalline ball, measuring 1.5 cms. across the long way. It is accompanited by some coverage of sparkly micro stilbite over basalt, which gives the piece a nice glint. the cavansite has some very minor rubs but they are not very noticeable, and I don't think they really detract from the overall aesthetic. Cavansite is a rare mineral, and I am told by my supplier that the Wagholi quarries are largely shut down at this point in time so this is a mineral classic that is going extinct. In an unusual deviation from nomenclature (it's not named after the minerologist who discovered it) its name reveals its chemical makeup: calcium, vanadium silicate.

Length: 5.00 cm
Width: 4.00 cm
Height: 2.50 cm