a3581 Smoky Quartz Scepter

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Smoky Quartz Scepter from the Krystal Tips (Foster Hallman) Claim, Peterson Mountain (Hallelujah), Washoe Co., Nevada. As far as I know, there's really not any other place in the American West, and maybe even in the world, where you could go and stand a chance of unearthing a treasure like this. The striking arrangement with smaller partial smoky point bridged into the main shaft, the "candle" look with clear scepter head seamlessly joined to the initial smoky shaft causing a soft smoky phantom within, and just the unusual large size of the scepter all shout Hallelujah. This piece was hand dug on May 22-23, 2009 by collector John Sulzbach. I encountered John recently in his small booth at a gemshow, selling off his collection. His hand lettered sign read "Help save my marriage" and encouraged you to buy by the flat, to clear out some much needed space in John's house, before things reached the tipping point! John was one of the many avid crystal treasure hunters, myself included, who were hosted over the years by Foster at his legendary quartz locality, and the rewards were usually great! Foster passed away in early 2018, and today the claim is still operated by a new group of partners who continue to offer this awesome fee digging opportunity. I have a lot of Peterson Mountain crystals so I didn't really need to buy, but you know, us rockhounders need to help each other save our marriages from time to time! (wink) The fact remains, and there's no doubt about it - this is a distinctive crystal that would make a great addition to anyone's personal collection.

Length: 10.20 cm
Width: 4.00 cm
Height: 3.20 cm