a3405 Rainbow Fluorite Point

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Rainbow Fluorite Point, cut and polished in China. Quite a lovely piece that has good size for the price. There is a vertical layer of color banding that runs thoughout the entire length of the point and zones the piece into two sides, one green and one blue. It's a little bit like a yin-yang presentation. Just to be clear, all photos except the ruler photo are backlit to show the beautiful translucency. Fluorite is naturally fractured and there are a few fractures in this piece which is normal. Savor the translucency as you display this piece backlit on a window ledge, or with other soft light source. China is a big producer of fluorite and a lot of material exported has very little color or character. The less common blue color and quality of this point put it at a higher than average level, and it will definitely bring you joy each and every day!


Length: 7.40 cm
Width: 2.60 cm
Height: 2.40 cm