a3422 Rainbow Fluorite Point

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Rainbow Fluorite Point, cut and polished in China. Quite a lovely piece that has nice size for the price. The color is predominantly pastal green, but a banding runs thoughout the entire length of the point and manifests as alternating layers of greens, clears, and nice light purples. To sweeten the pot, this point has a beautiful inclusion of what I think is barite mud, which feathered out into micro fractures to create a dendritic form - it looks like a snowy tree or bush near the tip of the point. Savor the translucency as you display this piece backlit on a window ledge, or with other soft light source. China is a big producer of fluorite and a lot of material exported has very little character. The nice banding of this point and its interesting inclusion put it at a higher than average level, and it will definitely bring you joy each and every day!

Length: 7.50 cm
Width: 2.50 cm
Height: 2.20 cm