a3434 Priday Plume Thunderegg

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Priday Plume Thunderegg, from Richardson's Ranch, 17 miles north of Madras, Oregon. This ranch, also known as the Priday Ranch in earlier times, is probably the best known and most visited rockhounding locality in all of Oregon. Among the many thunderegg beds on the ranch property, Old Plume Bed has become legendary among rockhounds. Long closed, this famous and well loved bed produced some of the finest colorful plume agate known to Oregon. The owners are starting to open the bed again, by popular demand, on Memorial Day, but getting good plume out is tricky. Old timers used to say that only 5% of the eggs ever cut plume in the first place, and it's arguably true that the best plume was dug long ago. Now the current pronouncement from the ranch owners is that only 1 in 1000 eggs cut plume, so that's much more rare than 5%, and a snapshot of the rarity of an egg that actually shows plume.  Here's a nice little contour polished egg that has a bit of the treasured peach to lavender shaded plume. A nice example from a mostly historical digging locality.

Length: 4.90 cm
Width: 4.20 cm
Height: 4.00 cm