a1718 Fossil Agatized Coral

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Fossil coral with chalcedony "stalagmite" geode center, from Tampa Bay area, Florida. A very fine quality specimen that features a large geode chamber filled with chalcedony spires, where semi-translucent honey colored chalcedony appears to have seeded upon the threadlike columns of ancient coral itself. From the upper Oligocene, to the lower Miocene time periods, this large and lovely piece is around 20 million years old. These corals occur in subsurface limestone deposits, and are turned up in river gravels, quarries, and offshore. The backside of this piece shows a very nicely preserved detail of coral structure. This inside is a show stopper, and I've seen pieces that are not nearly as aesthetic, with price tags that are much higher. Most collecting locations are now closed for these very desirable fossils, so it is unlikely that you or I could visit the area and hope to turn up a superb piece like this. Truly a classic, last generation fossil collector centerpiece.

Length: 22.00 cm
Width: 5.00 cm
Height: 18.50 cm