Kids Rock!

kids-rock-1Hey kids – do you know what the largest predator to ever swim the seas was called? (Hint: it's not the Kraken!) 

It was a prehistoric shark named Megalodon!

Megalodon lived 5-20 million years ago, and got up to 60 feet long, with a weight of 100 tons. This shark could take a Volkswagon in one bite!

Good thing humans and Megalodon never got the chance to meet.

kids-photoAs a kid, do you wish you could get together with other young people who are interested in rocks? You might start working on your parents to take you to the Main Show, at the Tucson Convention Center, in Tucson, Arizona. Each year during the second week of February, the local gem and mineral club hosts a gathering of thousands of kids. For a time, the children rule the building and their merry chatter can be heard in every corner, as they check out all the awesome crystals, minerals and fossils being offered by world wide dealers. From shouts of “cool” to animated conversations about things that have nothing to do with rocks, the joy of children getting together in unusually large numbers is very apparent. (Or is that a-parent, if you'll pardon the pun?) Dealers at the show describe the event in terms of “decibels”. One dealer I spoke with said that the number of children has actually dropped over the years, from a high of nine thousand! Kids, if you can't make it to Tucson, don't give up. Other shows host kid days, such as the Grants Pass, Oregon show in April, and the Eureka, California show in November. Check an online show calender to see if there is a gem show near you.