a3387 Labradorite

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Labradorite from Madagascar. Everyone loves the beautiful play of color that comes from this dark variety of feldspar with its luminescent golds and blues. The surprising glow comes from an intergrowth of fine layers that refract the light. The polished front face of this piece glows with a lot of gold pools that have yellow accents at their edges and large sky blue areas with some hints of cerulean blue at the edges. It's flash appears and blossoms at only about 10 or 15 degrees off of viewing it directly straight on.  The colors come through reasonably well in the photos, but it's a little more magical to the eye as you turn it in your hand. The piece has flat cut sides to stand up and display nicely from several angles, and its large enough to get attention. Only the front has been polished, and the back sides have been left rough. The length measurement is taken along its longest side. 

Length: 14.00 cm
Width: 6.00 cm
Height: 2.00 cm