a2016 Etched Kunzite

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Etched Kunzite from the Skardu District, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. Like a little spaceship, this fantastical specimen displays etching which happens when solution flows change in the formational pocket, and caustic solutions carry away some material, leaving the kunzite with a swept and melted look. This glassy specimen has fine delicate pink nuances of color, with hints of violet. As is typical of kunzite you really see the rose pink color when you view this piece along the long axis (from one end or the other). I attempted to show this in the secondary photos and it ended up being that the color was rendered more truly on the white background, even though the white tends to wash out crystal detail, and in one photo, an odd pink tint that wasn't actually present showed up in the background. Still the color in the photos is true, and this odd and gemmy little floater spaceship has landed on planet earth, and is awaiting your collection. Weighs 12.3 grams. 

Length: 3.40 cm
Width: 2.60 cm
Height: 1.60 cm