a3435 Malachite

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Malachite "Eyes" from the Democratic Republic of Congo. One of the best loved features of the malachite from this area is the banded patterning. When a piece has been cut to display the striking bullseye pattern of concentric circles it is going to be the most popular of the material from any given lot. These beautiful and hyonotic "eyes" appeared after grinding into some of the botryoidal mounds with just a bit of a concave grind, to skillfully reveal the patterns. It's a highly reflective piece since it has been polished on all sides, including the underside, which sports lots of concentric banding as shown in the secondary photo. It was a little difficult to get good photos because of the glare from the polished surfaces, but I would say that the photos are reasonably representative of the rich color and fine look. It's always best to see these types of pieces in your own hand though! 

Length: 8.00 cm
Width: 3.90 cm
Height: 2.00 cm