a3444 Peach Stilbite on Quartz

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Peach Stilbite on Druzy Quartz "Corals" from Wada, Maharashtra, India. Sizeable blades of pale peach stilbite hang out on a matrix of sparkly little quartz stalactite type formations on this inexpensive piece from a popular, but under-represented area of India. Anytime there is a production of this material, buyers are lining up, but there's not much available, due to scarcity of pockets at the quarries. The overall production of zeolites from India is huge, but micro-locations such as the Wada area are always interesting because they only produce once in awhile. The specimens have a distinct look and are unique in their own right.  

Length: 11.00 cm
Width: 6.00 cm
Height: 3.50 cm