a3456 Brandberg Amethyst Enhydro

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Brandberg Amethyst Enhydro from the Goboboseb Mountains, Brandberg Area, Erongo Region, Namibia. What's not to like? Ancient water and air are trapped within this glassy lavender crystal from the time of its formation. The bubble is tiny but visible and rolls back and forth in its little chamber for what looks to be about 3mm, when the crystal is turned in the hand. You can see the bubble in the secondary photo without the ruler - it's right in the center of the crystal and right on the facet line. Nice lavender tints arise throughout and give this water clear crystal an attractive lavender blush. This specimen, though tiny, is beautiful, fun, and damage free.

Length: 3.60 cm
Width: 1.70 cm
Height: 1.10 cm