a3465 Dryhead Agate

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Dryhead Agate from the Bighorn River Plateau, Eastern Montana. This locality has produced what is quite possibly some of the finest fortification agates to come from the USA. Early explorers in the area reportedly found dried out heads of bison put in place by Native Americans, hence the name: "dryhead". This lovely piece was mined during the heyday of Dryhead Agate mining which took place back in the 1980's. No mining has taken place for at least a decade, and consequently, there is no current production of this famous, and well loved agate. This is a classic beauty with banded fortification in reds, golds, and white, and with the extra accent of the sugary rock crystal quartz center where granular clear quartz hosts a small secondary area of banding. Due to the rarity of this material, I would say that this piece is notably underpriced. 

Length: 7.00 cm
Width: 6.50 cm
Height: 2.90 cm