a3479 Red Heulandite

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Red Heulandite from Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. This eye catching specimen is one of a very limited find that happened in 2017. One of the things that my India supplier is good at is keeping an eye on the small productions that are happening around Mumbai where he lives, and in the outlying areas of the Maharashtra State. This beautiful piece with its striking presentation of unusually colored tabular heulandite crystals is not something that is going to be readily found in mineral markets. In all liklihood, its a one time occurence that is here today but gone tomorrow. Diamond shaped blades of reddish orange colored heulandite fan out across the surface of the matrix basalt. There is some minor peach colored stilbite present. A special piece that would certainly make a unique addition to your collection. 

Length: 6.50 cm
Width: 3.50 cm
Height: 1.90 cm