a3650 Veracruz Amethyst

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Amethyst crystal from Veracruz, Mexico. This deposit is well known for glassy amethyst crystals of light lavender color, and this fine "finger" of a point carries that distinctive look. The main point is accented by a smaller twin, which is very close to being doubly terminated and is attached to the base. Both crystals are gemmy, with a pleasing light purple color and nice bright luster. The main crystal is a little bit elestial (differential growth) on it's included underside, and it's also more or less doubly terminated. The glassy quality is a bit difficult to photograph so I think this piece is nicer to see with the eye. The brightness and translucency put one in mine of a sublime creation arising from out of the ordinary elements.

Length: 7.40 cm
Width: 2.60 cm
Height: 2.20 cm