Top Shelf

The Top Shelf page features our current selection of what we feel to be some of our best pieces. We have chosen these pieces for their exquisite formations, their rich colors, or for interesting localities. Each one of these pieces instantly conveys to us the profound beauty of the natural world. These specimens should increase in value as the years go by, due to rarity, or dwindling supply. But of course, we advocate the purchasing of minerals only for the abundant personal enjoyment that they bring, not as an investment scheme. Scott believes that we live in a fantastic time, that is rich in opportunities to put together beautiful and valuable mineral collections. Certainly never before has such a profusion of specimens been available from so many excellent localities. Scott's Rock & Gem is pleased to be able to share such exciting times with you. We hope that you enjoy these fine selections.    

22.00 x 5.00 x 18.50 cm
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Fossil Agatized Coral from Tampa Bay, Florida.