a1767 Sphalerite with Fluorite

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Sphalerite with Fluorite from the Elmwood Mine, Smith County, Tennessee. The Elmwood material is very much sought after in the mineral collecting world. That's because the mine produces some of the most exquisite and aesthetic mineral specimens available from the Mississippi Valley lead-zinc deposits. The price has risen in current years because of lack of availability. As the sad story goes, the current mine operators are not sympathetic to mineral collectors. In fact the operating company reportedly recently blew up one of the best pockets in years, despite being offered several hundred thousand dollars from a mineral dealer to buy the crystalline treasures of the pockets contents. Too bad! This nice cabinet sized specimen is sure to please with it's highly textural, leathery black sphalerite, with characteristic hints of red ruby jack sparkle, and its fine cluster of lovely lavender hued fluorite cubes gathered at one end. It's a little piece of perfection to lend a happy note to the hard-knock story of mineral collection at the Elmwood!

Length: 14.00 cm
Width: 7.00 cm
Height: 6.75 cm