a2784 Green Fluorite

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Monster Green Fluorite from the Nikolaevsky Mine, Dal'negorsk, Primorskiy Krey, Far Eastern Region, Russia. Here's a very large, extremely glassy and gemmy, richly colored sea foam green single fluorite cube, with stepped delineations on its beautiful and lusterous surface. There's very minimal damage to this piece, and it has to be one of the larger pieces produced from this premier locality. The mine opened in 1982, and enough material was coming out from this and other regional mines by the early to mid 1990's to put Dal'negorsk on the collector's radar as a classic locality. It seemed to me that there was an opening in relations between Russian mineral dealers, and other international mineral dealers at about this same time, so a corridor was created for great, defining specimens to come our way. It should be mentioned that this fantastic piece also displays an intersting purple/blue fluorescence under long wave, as shown in the secondary photo. Additionally, it sports a few rainbows along internal cleavage plains, that show up nicely in bright light. I tried to show this effect in a secondary photo, but it's better in person. The same can be said for viewing this classic fluorite in general - the piece has a depth, and three dimensionality to it that is difficult to convey with the camera. But it is exceptional when you hold this superb specimen in your hand. 

Length: 9.00 cm
Width: 8.20 cm
Height: 6.00 cm