We Care & We're Green

Scott's Rock & Gem is run by real people, who care for real people. We are grateful for our success, and choose to pass it on. Scott & Meesha have chosen to donate to the following causes:

The Special Olympics; http://www.specialolympics.org/. Holiday donation made in honor of Scott's mother, Joann and sister, Nancy.

Native American Heritage Association; working to provide heat to Lakota residents. www.naha-inc.org
Donation given in honor of Scott's brothers, Todd & David.

Covenant House; actively assisting homeless and runaway youth with crisis care and transition programs: www.CovenantHouse.org 
Donation given in honor of Meesha's sister, Pam, mother, Bonnie, and Dads, Eugene & John.

Pancreatic Cancer Action Network - In Memory of Meesha's Stepmom, Vicky Koch; http://pancan.org/index.php

First United Methodist Church, Ashland, OR; http://www.ashlandmethodist.org/, providing meals for the hungry every Tuesday evening, and strongly focused on world outreach.

The Havurah Shir Hadish; http://www.havurahshirhadash.org/

Doctors Without Borders; http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/

Arbor Day Foundation; http://www.arborday.org/

Crater Rock Museum; http://www.craterrock.com/

Red Cross: for assistance in Haiti and Tsunami Relief; http://www.redcross.org/

The "My Sandy Hook Family Fund", in honor of the children, and to help families devastated by the tragedy with their immediate needs. 

Donation to the Sacramento State Geology Club's 2012 auction, which raised $13,000 for the Geology Department. (Good job everyone!)

Speaking of Sac, I made a 2013 vehicle donation to Capital Public Radio, since I listen sometimes while I am driving through. My vehicle fetched $745 at auction, and helps to continue the thoughtful and intelligent programming on listener funded radio. 

A fellow mineral dealer in Brazil, Geraldo Alvim was in trouble when his home was destroyed by a flood. He and his wife and son were on the steet in an unsafe area. Scott's Rock & Gem made a donation, in conjunction with other rockhounds, collectors, and dealers in our network. The effort was spearheaded by Larry Rush, a retired geologist, and mineral dealer in Connecticut, and aided by Kitty Heacox, a collector in Hawaii. Geraldo was eventually able to build a home, and his family and future are now much more secure. Here is Geraldo's new home, inside and out - Muito bom! 

The Outside of Geraldo's House











To do good deeds in Humboldt County, California, a unique and beautiful, yet somewhat isolated coastal area, Scott's Rock & Gem partners with Dana Hope, an area wedding officiant and counselor. Dana utilizes our donations throughout the year for the following causes:

     Trinidad Library Committee, raising funds to create a library in the community. Trinidad Library

     Big Lagoon Elementary School, Trinidad, CA. Big Lagoon Elementary School

     Humboldt Baykeeper - working to promote a clean, healthful, and biologically diverse coastal                      environment. Humboldt Baykeeper

     Six Rivers Planned Parenthood. Six Rivers Planned Parenthood

     The Trinidad Civic Club - 95 years of service to the Trinidad community. Trinidad Civic Club

     EPIC - Environmental Protection Information Center - Grassroots, non-profit organization working to          protect endangered species, and forest ecosystems on California's North Coast.  EPIC

     The Roshni Center for Women - Encouraging economic and educational opportunities for women living        in the rural, northern part of Pakistan. The Roshni Center for Women

And locally in southern Oregon: Toys for children campaigns, displays for our Talent Library and elementary school, and lending of our collections for use in museums and education efforts.

Scott's Rock & Gem is also aware of our environment. We run our business, knowing that our children - and grandchildren will inherit the planet we leave behind.

Scott's Granddaughter Rose
Scott's Granddaughter Rose.

Specifically, Scott's Rocks:

  • Recycles all office paper
  • Reuses 90-95% of all inbound packing materials for our outbound shipments
  • Recycles all wooden pallets and crates, and metal trunks from imports
  • Consolidates errands to limit trips, thereby reducing gas usage

We also recycle all of our home recyclables. We are lucky to have such a great recycling pick-up program in our town. Push for one in your area, if you don't have one. If you do have one - please use it!

Together, we can make a difference!