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I am mostly interested in buying mineral collections where the collector was discerning and had an eye for aesthetics.

Colorful undamaged crystals and minerals are best. Labels are great if they are present.

I sometimes buy some amount of unusual pieces or locality pieces as well, even if they are not bright and colorful. I will consider buying rough rock and slabs if the material is of good to exceptional quality.

I’m not interested in landscaping/yard rock, cabochons, jewelry or lapidary equipment. I can get a pretty good idea of what you have if you send me a few representative photos, in focus and with good lighting.

Please keep in mind that I am buying for resale so I would not be able to pay the high retail pricing that Ebay, Craigslist, or Instagram sellers are asking.

If you think you have a collection that might be of interest then please feel free to contact us. 


Reach out with questions or comments.